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Welcome to World Wide Sires!

World Wide Sires, Ltd. is the world's leading cattle genetics marketing organization representing the majority of the U.S. Artificial Insemination Cooperatives. In an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, World Wide Sires brings together suppliers and customers to promote efficient global livestock production.


CowManager:  More Milk. More Money.

The smart sensor
24/7 monitoring all in the cows ear

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Monitors heat detection and health
  • Better information for better results
  • Maximize reproduction and minimize health issues

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Come visit us at World Dairy Expo booth MC25-26 in the Coliseum.


WWS is proud to introduce IMAGE (Inbreeding Management and Genetic Excellence), an innovative tool that allows modern dairy producers to manage inbreeding effectively and easily across their herd.


Trouble free cows that convert feed into milk at high levels are profitable cows. With rising feed costs, dairy farmers around the world are looking for ways to improve efficiency to increase profitability. Breeding for optimum efficiency is the primary objective of OptiFeed. By using OptiFeed Bulls, dairymen can breed cows that will increase their farms profitability.

RoboMaxx identifies bulls that specialize in producing daughters who perform well with minimal management and Robot Milkers.

RoboMaxx focuses on sires that transmit high milk, fat and protein production, correct teat placement with adequate teat length, excellent feet and legs, and low somatic cell scores. By using these sires you can create the next generation of profitable cows for your specific milking system.

Focused on high type, feet and legs, udders and stature to recognize sires of show champions.

An index for breeders interested in maximizing the protein and total milk solids content of the high quality milk their cows produce.

This index identifies sires that best transmit the management traits associated with trouble-free, long-lasting cows.

This index recognizes the bulls that sire high production of milk, fat and protein along with functional type.

For the commercial breeder, this index identifies bulls that provide the desired balance of type and production.

Designed for producers that utilize a low-input grazing system and desire medium-sized, mobile cattle with high milk components.

Indicates a sire that is predicted to sire calves that are born more easily than the breed average.


August 2015
Proof Data

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World Wide Sires August 2015 Holstein Catalog

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August 2015 Holstein Catalog
World Wide Sires April 215 Jersey Brochure

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April 2015 Jersey Genetics Brochure
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